Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lucky McKee - "Sick Girl (Masters Of Horror)" DVD

Now, this is more like it! McKee, for you horror fans, is best-known for his cult-fave 'May', and this freaky little episode is similarly original. Angela Bettis (from 'May') is cast as the shy, nerdy entomologist/insect keeper Ida Teeter who, upon meeting a promising new lesbian lover (played by erotic scream queen Misty Mundae, aka Erin Brown), is mysteriously shipped a box containing a rare species of beetle that escapes into Teeter's apartment. The insect has a strange power to transform whatever it bites into a weird insect-hybrid for reproduction. Suffice to say, this twisty little jewel of a show has intelligence, a good script, memorable acting by both Bettis and Mae, and mesmerizes all the way to the end.

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