Friday, July 11, 2008

Controlled Bleeding - "Before The Quiet" CD

New York's Controlled Bleeding are known as one of America's earliest industrial noise acts. From the early 80's, the group, centered around Paul Lemos, has created a dizzying array of releases, covering a wide swath of sounds both soothing and confrontational. 'Before The Quiet' collects their very earliest recordings, and dates back to the late 70's. And while the playful experimentation is there, much of this is closer to a wild free jazz/improv/prog-rock format. The track 'Controlled Bleeding' itself is set to a frenzied and almost thrashy tempo. 'Veal', with it's surf organ, is another anomaly - uptempo and quickly giving way to another breakneck speed-surf-riff-o-rama. 'Fiddles & Joey' features the inimitable scat-singing of Joe Papa, and other tracks (some recorded live, others in garages, on 2-track, etc.) are similarly unique. And strangely, despite this material being nearly 30 years old, nothing here sounds really dated. If you wrote off Controlled Bleeding based on their harsher 'industrial' past, this could change your mind, as these musical chameleons can confound as well as anyone. (MVD Audio)

Check out a free mp3 of CB's first ever single, 'Wall Of China Love Letters' here.

and visit the band's website here.

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