Wednesday, July 9, 2008

KMFDM - "Extra Vol.1" 2xCD

Compiling tons of vinyl and CD-singles from their classic Wax Trax! Records heyday (1986-1992), this set shows the German-American industrial rock group's quick progression and growth as they stormed the states on a huge tour with Ministry in their prime (1989-90). Beginning with the early raw electronic-beats of stuff like 'Don't Blow Your Top' (featured here in a superb Adrian Sherwood remix), 'Extra' follows the group into a dancier, clubby realm ('Naive', here remixed a couple of times by Chicago sleaze-disco act Thrill Kill Kult), some trippy psycho-dub ('Virus', 'M+F 244'), and finally, their now-trademark electro-rock. One of the band's definitive cuts, 'Godlike', is reprised here, and this Slayer sampling club track can still melt dancefloors while appealing to the longhairs and headbangers at the same time. Very fun. And disc 2 has even more! KMFDM have always been masters of the anthemic, and 'Go To Hell', 'Split', and 'Money' all feature this second disc, often in multiple mixes. The remastered sound here makes it all go 'boom' in the car, as well, so that's always a plus. Overall, 'Extra' is a great collection of now-unavailable mixes and versions for the hardcore KMFDM fan, and also a fitting starting point for anyone curious about this band's extensive 22-year history. (Metropolis)

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