Saturday, July 12, 2008

William Malone - "Fair Haired Child (Masters Of Horror)" DVD

A well-unconvincing tale here of a troubled (and supposedly virginal) outcast teen who is abducted and intended to be a sacrificial offering to a demon. The plot involves an icy Lori Petty and her husband losing their son in a drowning accident, and summoning a demon to bring him back (undead) in exchange for 12 virgin offerings. Well, Tara (played by the attractive and decidedly NOT nerdy Lindsay Pulsipher) discovers that she's about to be #12, and with the help of the undead son himself, who develops a sort of love for her, she is able to ultimately foil the couple's plans.

Really, this one doesn't do much of anything for me, with average acting and a plot that begins creepily enough, buy ends pretty substandard. It may not be a low point for this series (that would take some work, surely), but 'Fair Haired Child' is just not something I can recommend.

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