Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Butterfly" DVD (director: Edward E. Romero)

This American micro-indie horror flick isn't nearly as bad as it seems, though it does leave plenty to be desired.The premise? Young film student Lacey (played admirably well by Mandi Kreisher) drugs, abducts, and tortures various people (on camera) for atrocities committed years before. Her "film" is basically thinly-disguised snuff, but her intentions are, well, revenge.

You'd expect plenty of blood and torture, but it never quite happens. Fair enough -- gore isn't needed to get the point across. My issue lies with empathy. Lacey isn't particularly likable (though she is attractive and well-spoken), and nor are the people she maims and murders. Despite a nice twisty ending, "Butterfly" is, unfortunately, very forgettable. (R Squared)

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