Friday, August 24, 2012

D.O.A. - "We Come In Peace" CD

Among classic late 70's punk bands, Vancouver's stalwart D.O.A. have never left the building. After a shit-ton of records and 30+ years, Joey Keithley (aka Joey Shithead) and friends keep on their path, raising hell with politically-aware and socially-conscious punk anthems (alongside the occasional odes to beer and hockey). 

"We Come In Peace" is ripe with classic, raging, full-on punk anthems with guts and  glory. "Dirty Bastards" brings an Irish flair (it's the bagpipes). "Bloody But Unbowed" is a more straightforward rock, whereas "War Hero" has some definite rock-steady ska vibes. "We Occupy" brings in guest vocals by Jello Biafra, but "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are" brings it all back to the classic punk singalong arena. The Beatles "Revolution" is done up in traditional D.O.A. style, but seems to fall a bit short. The dub-tinged "Walk Through This World" is a definite ode to Joe Strummer and the Clash. It all closes out with an acoustic rendition of "General Strike". With D.O.A., you know what to expect, and "We Come In Peace" does not disappoint. (Sudden Death Records)

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