Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Playgirls Of Munich" 2xDVD (director: Navred Reef)

Ah, reissues of old 70s-era grindhouse porn are always welcomed at Goatsden HQ, and this extravagant set is good fun, in an awful, sleazy, and tacky way. The premise? A pair of bumbling telephone repairmen are in search of a good time, and they manage to stowaway to Germany, where the two manage to coerce the sex-starved German lasses into all sorts of wacky predicaments. 

As a grindhouse porn with tons of humorous elements, "Playgirls Of Munich" is a pure farce, with hammy acting, no real story, and plenty of beautiful women who are willing to please. The film quality is fine, considering the age, and this is a well-shot trash film with plenty of explicit action. The second DVD is simply a collection fo trailers and 70s-era porn loops -- quite forgettable and unnecessary. Still, a solid set for fans of that au-naturel seventies scene. (After Hours Cinema)

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