Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Slutty Stewardesses: Grindhouse Double Feature" DVD

Collecting a nice pair (haha) of mid-70s hardcore films, this set includes the 1975 sleaze-o-rama, "In-Flight Service" (directed by Charles Lamont, aka C. Davis Smith). This is a below-average, shallow, hackneyed, and poorly-edited series of explicit scenes, with little to recommend aside from the requisite furry folks engaging in sleazy, slimy, sexual situations. Even the weirdly creepy electronic soundtrack can't save this one. Print quality is fair, but it doesn't matter, as you won't be watching this more than once, anyway.

Also included is the slightly more interesting "Come With Me My Love", directed by the legendary Doris Wishman in 1976. Adding elements of horror to her porn, Wishman's tale of a jealous ghost who murders a poor lass's lovers is odd and almost surreal. It's ultra low budget, with a poor script and awful "acting", though the weirdly upbeat score helps, as does the presence of art/porn goddess Annie Sprinkle. Again, print quality is marginal and pretty scratchy, but this is a definite hardcore oddity, for sure. (After Hours Cinema)

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