Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Won Ton Baby" DVD (director: James Morgart)

With nods to horror classics "Basket Case" and "Child's Play", this indie grindhouse shocker stars the delectable Debbie Rochon as "Madame Won Ton", a former madame and Chinese restauranteur who, in the 70s, bedded a drugged-up Elvis. Her resulting pregnancy produced a parasitic twin embedded in her freaky blonde daughter (played by co-creator Suzi Lorraine). Confused yet? When "Baby Won Ton" finally emerges (thanks to a grisly surgery), he's a murderous mini-Elvis with an Asian accent and a prehensile umbilical cord.

Credit must go to the puppeteers and effects team, as the "Baby" is weird but well-done, and the gore effects are heavy and designed for maximum gross-out effect. Take the scene where "Baby" masturbates (with his umbilical cord) to a diarrhea chugging video. Great atmospheres here, too, harkening back to the prime 70s-era of seedy urban grindhouse cinema. A fun and memorably humorous horror shocker here. (R Squared Films)

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