Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meat Puppets - "Mirage" CD

The band's 5th album, originally from 1987, is here reissued with an additional 5 previously unreleased tracks appended. On "Mirage", the band's unique amalgam of post-punk, bluegrass, classic rock, and psychedelia congealed into a highly listenable, and distinctive whole. Consisting solely of brothers Curt and Cris Kirkwood with drummer Derrick Bostrom, "Mirage" contains certifiable classics like "The Wind And The Rain", or and the rollicking Western hoedown of "Get On Down", which garnered some MTV airplay back in the day. "Beauty" showcases the Curt's prowess on guitar, with lightning-fast licks that, if electrified, could double as thrash metal. "A Hundred Miles" is a calliope of chiming guitars amidst the sing-a-long pop-song structure. A strong album, and one that still sounds relatively fresh, save for the drum machine pulsing through most of the tracks. (MVD Audio)

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