Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meat Puppets - "Monsters" CD

The band's 1989 LP was to be their final for SST Records, and it begins with the stomping heavy rock of "Attacked By Monsters". More electric and "rock" than previous Meat Puppets offerings, this album shows another leap by the band, further upping the ante with better harmonies, and an arguably more "mainstream" sound. But rather than "selling out" (as some accused them of, especially as they were to soon signing to major label London Records), this seems, in retrospect, to be more a gradual and natural move towards more accessible songwriting.

"The Void" is another swaggering boogie-rock monsterpiece that reminds a little of a slightly psychedelic ZZ Top, believe it or not, as does the blazing "Flight Of The Fire Weasel". But there's still plenty of meandering, freaky guitar fireworks otherwise, a specialty that the brothers Kirkwood are renowned for. As it stands, "Monster" is a solid effort, and holds up well, even over 20 years later. (MVD Audio)

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