Saturday, March 31, 2012

"House Of Flesh Mannequins" DVD (director: Domiziano Cristopharo)

This Italian/American horror/thriller shows a definite nod to the classics of directors like Dario Argento, as it's less about brutish blood and gore and more about what's going on in the heads of the characters. Veteran actor Domiziano Arcangeli stars as Sebastian, a lonely and reclusive artist who reluctantly meets his stunning and alluring neighbor, Sarah Roeg (played by the amazing Irena Hoffman). She soon takes an unusual interest in him and his odd lifestyle and photography.

We're gradually led into Sebastian's nightmare world, which involves dream-like sequences of depraved sexuality and vicious murder/torture. It's never fully clear what is real or imagined, but we witness the beautiful Sarah falling for Sebastian, while his tortured demons lead them both deeper into the nightmare. It's a sort of love story, but one that's far from ideal. Packed with plenty of well-done gore, sexual situations and tons of nudity (mostly male, unfortunately), this one's a challenge in spots, but the solid acting, script, and visuals make it a well-done film for fans of giallo or hallucinogenic psychological thrillers. (MVD Visual)

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