Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Bong Of The Dead" DVD (director: Thomas Newman)

"There will be bud!" claims the packaging. This spliff-tastic splatter parody adds a new spin on the tried, true, and, dare I say, trendy zombie mythology. Set in the not-distant zombie apocalypse, a pair of bone-headed stoners discover that by pureeing zombie brains into fertilizer for their marijuana, they can get higher than a giraffe's cooch. So they set out to harvest more zombies, only to end up crossing paths with a tough chick named Leah, who reluctantly joins them, all the while adding some sexual tension and providing a measure of intellect.

The gore? Very well-done here. And the cinematography is also solid, with the "stoned" scenes shrouded in a misty camera effect. The acting is only so-so, but with a finale that's over-the-top and reminiscent of some of Peter Jackson's classics, this one's a whole bloody lot of fun. (MVD Visual)

Bong Of The Dead official site with trailer and $2.99 download deal

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