Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Thankskilling" DVD (director: Jordan Downey)

With tongues firmly set in cheek, director Downey and friends present this splatstick horror comedy that could become a cult favorite with some time. The campy, cheesy, almost Muppet-like cover art begins by promising "boobs in the first second", and it doesn't falter on this boast. Trash points already! Truth be told, this is a fun and gory parody that goes far and isn't afraid to look stupid for a laugh. And that it was filmed over only 11 days and on a paltry $3500 budget is amazing.

The "villain" here is a smack-talking, smarmy turkey, reincarnated after a Native American curse and aimed at wreaking havoc on the Pilgrims. The turkey, who's full of lame one-liners, gets himself into some precarious spots in his attempts to murder and maim hapless teens. One unforgettable scene involves "Turkey" "stuffing" a slutty coed -- shocking and hilarious. You've never seen a sex scene like this before, trust me.

Sure, the acting is stiff and the writing fairly flat, but the premise of a killer turkey in the spirit of Troma or early Peter Jackson is pure drive-in sleaze greatness. For fans of stuff like the "Evil Dead" series, "Reanimator", or any Troma flick, this is a must-see. (MVD Visual)

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