Sunday, November 13, 2011

Voyager - "The Meaning Of I" CD

From the unlikely climes of Perth, Australia comes this accomplished melodic/symphonic prog-metal act, and "The Meaning Of I" is their 4th album in 8 years.

Led by the clean, clear, and spot-on vocals of Daniel Estrin, the band's technical prowess is evident. "Seize The Day" is classic metal at it's heart, but the dense layering and mixing, as well as the complex structures and symphonic (even electronic) elements add textural depth. Voyager stretches themselves far beyond the usual metal limitations, embracing Tangerine Dream-like electronics and even near-synthpop (witness "The Pensive Disarray").

Heavier-than-thou metalheads may find this stuff a bit too well-studied and mature, but Voyager still sounds heavy, with a concise, riff-heavy attack that's firmly metallic from most every angle. Sure, it's not feral or "brutal", but Voyager's interpretation of metal involves complex arrangements, melodic song structure, and emotion, rather than noise. Solid, solid work here. I can't compare to any other artist in particular, as these guys are working their own path. A great change of pace from sludgy grindcore or black metal, as these guys are serious about their music, and their complexity is their strength. (Sensory/The Laser's Edge)

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