Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bruce Springsteen- "DVD Collector's Box" 2xDVD

This set of unauthorized documentaries/critical analyses is basically a re-packaged set of 2 previous titles. The first I viewed, "Under Review 1978-1982: Tales Of A Working Man" is a look at Springsteen's albums, "Darkness At The Edge Of Town", "The River", and "Nebraska", and traces their inspirations and recording processes from the points of view of bandmates, music journalists and biographers. There are, as with most of Sexy Intellectual's productions, plenty of photos and some archival interviews with "the Boss" himself, and segments of songs to illustrate. This is a well-done piece for serious Springsteen-o-philes.

The second disc, "Under The Infuence", is a little thinner, and shares some of the same footage, but works well as a companion piece to "Under Review". This DVD traces Springsteen's initial inspirations as an artist, and provides a broad overview of the artists that Bruce himself took closest to his heart growing up. Here, we get profiles of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Phil Spector, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Gary (US) Bonds, Mitch Ryder, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger among others. Perhaps this isn't an essential viewing, but it does provide an interesting and honest assessment of Springsteen's musical lineage and his place in rock history. Solid set here. (Sexy Intellectual/MVD Visual)

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