Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Haunted Changi" DVD (director: Andrew Lau)

This film blurs the lines between reality and fiction and does so fairly well. Like a Singaporean cross between "The Blair Witch Project" and "Ghost Adventures", "Haunted Changi" purports itself to be a documentary, as a small crew of young filmmakers set out in Singapore's infamous haunted Old Changi Hospital to capture apparitions and ghostly presences.

The amateur hand cam style is rough, gritty, and realistic, though there are some rather professional edits and effects in some spots that belittle the "indie" credibility somewhat. The young actors are fine, with "producer" Sheena Chung being a standout. And the numerous shots of the run-down, dilapidated hospital are eerie and well worth a look. This is, after all, a seriously well-documented hotspot for paranormal activity. Kudos to the crew for choosing the actual Old Changi Hospital as their setting. Tension is fairly high, though actual "jump" moments are few and far between. Overall, an enjoyable ghost-hunting experience, not without a few problems, but nonetheless, I liked this one. (MVD Visual)

Haunted Changi website

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