Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nick Oliveri - "Death Acoustic" CD

As a former member of desert-stoners Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, you might think you know what to expect from Oliveri. But you'd be wrong. His debut solo recording here combines several Oliveri originals (and versions of songs he recorded with Queens, Kyuss, Moistboyz, and the Dwarves) with covers (Misfits, G.G. Allin). Sure, it's all acoustic, so the songs are drastically different from the revved-up originals, but I get a sense of self-indulgence here. Maybe Oliveri is pulling a fast one? His vocals are tuneless and nearly overloaded (these are home recordings), and the songs are rudimentary and flat. "U Blow" does just that, and is painful to listen to. The Misfits' "Hybrid Moments" is better, but the G.G. Allin closer, "Outlaw Scumfuc" is just plain crap, and serves no purpose being covered at all. Disappointing stuff from an artist with a solid pedigree and surely more to offer than this weak collection of nonsense tunes. (Impedance Records)


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