Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hellbastard - "Eco-War" CDEP + "The Need To Kill" CD

A brief 21-minute selection of tracks not included on their recent full-lengther, "Eco-War" features some fairly heavy and dense punk/metal "crust" from these Earache Records refugees. "Woe, The People" is classic metal with some doomy, sludgy overtones. It's low, dirty, and almost sloppy sounding, though the riffage is righteous and spot-on. "Massacre" is a more punk-oriented cut, with a rollicking chorus and speedier tempo. The final track here, a faithful cover of Slayer's "Die By The Sword" is evidence of some of these boys' inspirations, before a nonsense track ("Kick The Geordie") closes it all out.

The full album, "The Need To Kill" is similarly full of traditional thrash assaults with some punk accents. Also notable are the interludes, which, in the case of "My Best Friend Misanthropy", break up the crash & burn tempos with whispery atmospheres and sound-poetry. "Justly Executed" is classic, old-school thrash-punk crossover, complete with lengthy solo. Think early Slayer and you'll be right there. Good, solid, mosh-ready tunes that won't offend or shock anyone in this day and age, but nonetheless remain steady and headstrong. Nice work, guys. (Selfmadegod Records)

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