Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Forrest J. Ackerman Presents: The Anthology Of The Living Dead" BOOK

I don't often review books here, but this one is certainly noteworthy, and likely of interest to many faithful Goatsden readers. Compiled by J. Travis Grundon and L.B. Goddard (and personally authorized by the late horror-godfather Ackerman, who provides a wonderously fun intro), this collection of zombie/living dead-themed fictional short stories isn't short on new ideas or twists, and proves to be a surprisingly well-done set of sometimes shocking, sometimes mature-themed, and always entertaining shorts. Personal favorites include Jeremy Boland's clever, humorous, and even charming "Icy Dead People", Sean Douglas's cathartic "fuck-you" tale "Braindead", Andrea Dean Von Scoyoc's twisty "Vindication", Scott Lefebve's apocalyptic "Whimper", and the grisly, graphic, and bleakly-humorous "Suck", by Eric Enck. A honorable mention for Justin Brock-Jones and his "Dead Silence", which takes the classic Romero theme into an angst-ridden post-adolescent direction. Hah! But everything else here is worth a look, too, and this book seriously won me over from the start. Perfect late-night reading for those who dare to imagine a world where the dead walk amongst the living. (Black Bed Sheet Books)

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That is one sweet little review. Thank you very much for your time. - Scott Lefebvre