Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Felix - "You Are The One I Pick" CD

This English chamber folk/pop duo consists of Lucinda Chua (a pianist/cellist who tours with Stars Of The Lid) and Chris Summerlin (guitarist from rock band Lords), and "You Are The One I Pick" is their debut album. It's a sweet, pure sound, with Chua's engaging voice recanting poignant, childlike tales like the lovely "I Wish I Was A Pony". "Waltzing For Weasels" is a sad little reflection, and the ambient, string-laden "What I Learned From TV" is perhaps most like Stars Of The Lid, though more intimate as Lucinda's words impart personal musings softly into the drifty soundscape. As one of Kranky's more straightforward indie outfits, Felix may surprise some listeners, but this classy, stylish, and slightly-askew sound is as sparse and austere as anything else on the fine label. Enjoyable, honest, and evocative music for the sensitive romantic in all of us. (Kranky)


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