Monday, November 9, 2009

Systems Officer - "Underslept" CD

From the prolific mind and hands of Pinback/Three Mile Pilot mastermind Armistead Burwell Smith IV, this entirely-solo project is full of well-written indie pop/rock songs, catchy, sometimes quirky, and sometimes a little sad. Right off the bat, the album's opener, "Pacer", is a hook-filled slice of upbeat drone pop, and probably my favorite piece here. "East" is a little more introspective, with an effectively sad piano accent. Other favorites include "Shape Shifter", which rollicks along ala Modest Mouse, or the breezy yet fatalistic "Sand II". Solid, well-played tunes here are the order of the day, and Smith's adeptness at all instruments is more than evident here. Exceptional and tuneful, "Underslept" is a fine album well worth multiple listens. (Temporary Residence)



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