Monday, November 9, 2009

Aetherius Obscuritas - "Fekete Orvossag - Black Medicine" CD

Hungarian pagan black metal from a duo (though one it seems is considered a "session drummer") who've been active in the scene for around 7 years now, Aetherius Obscuritas fall pretty squarely within their genre's established parameters. They seem to be an outlet for "classic" black metal ala Burzum, and this stripped-down, unapologetic, no-frills approach equates to a windfall of hissed vocals, blurry gale storm guitars and sputtering drums. "Fagyos Oleles (Freezing Embrace)" shows a predilection for mid-tempo and melodic metal structures, but other cuts, like "Circinus Nebulae" are so traditionally black metal, they become cartoon stereotypes. The "bonus" track, a cover of Marduk's "Black Demon" is a fun closing cuts, but overall "Fekete Orvossag" is just not memorable or unique enough to warrant repeat listens. (Paragon Records)



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