Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deborah Martin & Erik Wøllo - "Between Worlds" CD

The sound of "Americana" is really a new development, and though it does reflect many of our "roots" in this country, it's not altogether accurate. On this series of recordings, composers Martin and Wøllo pay tribute to the true Americana - the music and spirit of the Native Americans. The worlds of healing, magic, and ritual are reflected here in these compositions, and with fellow ambient/ethno sound sculptor Steve Roach assisting, the duo explores these ceremonial spaces with location recordings, native instruments, chants, and even old 1894 cylinder recordings. "In Between Worlds" is just that -- an audio travelogue examining the spaces between the inner and outer planes, life and death, and the natural and spiritual worlds. It's a fairly relaxing, ambient sort of sound here, and tracks like "Gathering At Sunrise" are simply beautiful and uplifting collages of chant, light percussion, and an irresistibly uplifting groove. These are songs full of reverence, light, love, and peaceful oneness. Wonderful. (Spotted Peccary)

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