Thursday, September 17, 2009

Subarachnoid Space - "Eight Bells" CD

Psychedelic music is frequently seen as silly, hippie peacenik stuff. Not so with Portland's Subarachnoid Space. They dispense with that notion with reckless abandon on this, the group's 8th full-lengther. Now, I hadn't heard any of this group's music for probably nearly a decade, so I was surprised to see them still around. "Eight Bells" brings a more song-oriented direction, and also finds them with an even heavier approach than I remember. Leader Melynda Jackson and cohorts lash a ferocious, fuzzed-out, instrumental guitar rock attack with dark, aggressive, and screeching psychedelic effects and an appropriately strong rhythm section -- Jefferson Airplane this ain't, kiddies. "Lilith" opens with an oppressive and scalding series of riffs and rhythms. "Akathesia" dives in for more overloaded and dense guitars with lysergic effects, while "Hunter Seeker" is an ultra-heavy set of doomy, drone-metal riffage and thunderous drums -- a truly heavy psyche track that smokes more than a little reefer, man. Subarachnoid Space's mind-melting, brain-scarring jams are enough to please even the sturdiest metalheads, and spacy enough for fringe travelers anywhere. Unequivocally a wild (and worthy) trip. (Crucial Blast)


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