Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bluck - "Blucked Up!" cassette

Bluck was a small-time punk rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana. And although they undoubtably had numerous shows around their home base of Indy, they played a single show in tiny Evansville, Indiana (where I was from) way back in 1988 or so, and were among the better skate/punk acts we'd seen, and some damned nice guys even! Consisting of Scott Courtney, Matt Price, Dave (aka Capt Chowder), and Matt Barton, these guys tore it up! I actually did a brief interview with Bluck way back when, for a local zine, Godsend, and their demotape has been in my collection ever since. It's really pretty good stuff, in a Descendents kinda pop-punk style. Since there's almost no way this will ever be in print again, I offer it here for your enjoyment. If anyone from the band wants it taken down, please let me know. It seems a couple of these songs ended up on a vinyl 7" compilation from Panx Vinyl Zine, which may've been a French mag, though I don't really have many details, and of course is quite rare and out of print. Enjoy le Indiana Punque!

Blucked Up! tape

A Bluck fanspace page!

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Unknown said...

Went to church with Matt, on vocals, and ran into the other guys at the ramp in good ol' Brownsburg back in the late '80s. This tape was quite an anthem for me and listening to it makes me feel like a teen again...