Friday, September 18, 2009

PBK - "Under My Breath" CD

Containing a series of international collaborations with various friends and associates, this 11-track limited edition disc (500 copies) is among the darker and more satisfying PBK releases in some time. Opening with the tense and mysterious "Air Brings Sound And Soul", with Norwegian ambient wizards Origami Replicka, the disc gets more surreal and fantastic with "Poems For Painters", which includes the participation of John Wiggins. "Skin Meat Bones" (with Dale Lloyd and Wolf Eyes) is a weird and frighteningly glitchy walk into a digital funhouse, while "Fire Across Our Divide" (also with Wolf Eyes) is a subtle, creepy, and lonely alien nightscape. The beastly "Mechanism Of Concealment" (again, with Wolf Eyes) harkens back to the classic death-industrial days (think early SPK) with skittering machine noises and vinyl pops. The track with Nocturnal Emissions, "Let Me Live To Crack The Code: Revolution" is a twilight symphony of mechanical spiritflesh from the womb, simultaneously industrial and primitive in nature. In short, there's a wealth of dark soundscapes present here, and although it features a smorgasbord of participants, it's all mixed together (by PBK) into a spectacularly subtle and cohesive whole. Superlative. (Waystyx)

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