Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yahowa 13 - "Sonic Portation" CD

Born of a sixties-era religious group called the Source Family, and led by the enigmatic Father Yod, the Ya Ho Wa 13 collective produced a series of privately-released vinyl LPs of wild psychedelic improvisational music from 1973 to 1975. Through the years, these records became highly sought-after collectibles, and their influence has gone on the breed some of the wilder out-there psyche/noise/freak folk sounds of today.
Reforming with all 3 of the former members (sadly, Father Yod passed away in 1975), and joined by Smashing Pumpkins associate Kerry Brown (who mixed this), Yahowa 13 return after a many-year absence with this 35-minute set of freeform space jams. This is tribal/raga/mantric music for those seeking higher planes of consciousness. Yahowa 13's uninhibited blending of guitars, bass, drums, and chant isn't unique, but it recalls everything from Eastern meditational sound to the tribal rock of Amon Duul. It's a joyous noise, and a lovely din to lose yourself inside of. I say turn it up loud, close your eyes, and feel the divinity of sound itself. (Prophase Music)

info on the Source family

info on the Father Yod LPs

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nicepooperzine said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that three original members, Octavius, Sunflower and Djin are on on this record. No new members, only missing Father Yod. Great record, great review.