Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grails - "Doomsayer's Holiday" CD

Portland heavy-doom instrumental rock unit Grails take influence from such wildly unusual sources as hash-soaked psychedelia, post-Black Sabbath metal, Eastern instrumentation, and out-jazz. On 'Doomsayer's Holiday', this coalesces into a blazing landscape of exotic jams (the Indian/Irish-accented sludge metal of 'Reincarnation Blues'), weird, alien textures, and stoned-out bliss, all with a richly cinematic flair. It's as if Grails are scoring an epic film by Alejandro Jodorowsky. The sweeping, chiming sadness of 'The Natural Man' is only a precursor to the Sun Ra-like space-jazz-noise of 'Immediate Mate'. 'X-Contaminators' would serve well as a soundtrack to a Dario Argento horror film, and the Pink Floyd-ian 'Acid Rain' closes it all out. A major release that will appeal to both metal heads and avante-leaning space travelers alike. (Temporary Residence)

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