Monday, December 8, 2008

Artridge - "Butterfly Wing Theory- Part 1 (Think Tank)" CD

This duo (multi-instrumentalists Christoph Mainz and Robin Pleil)'s second CD of highly visual soundtracks combines exotic live instrumentation with electronic sound design and programming. It gels into a cohesive whole, fortunately. 'Charcoal' takes on a moody rock structure, and proto-industrial dance sounds find their way into the booming rhythmics of 'Knitfitfoamfix', which is swirled by percolating sequences. 'Jellyfish' is a solemn and reflective piece - sounding very urban and nocturnal. 'Polygraph' seems almost prog/jazz in feel, but still coming from a mysterious, shadowy origin. If you're looking for a solid late-night set of background tunes, 'Butterfly Wing Theory' will suffice quite well, bringing life to the darker corners of your room. (Artridge)/Interlink

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