Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watain - "Casus Luciferi" CD

This is a remastered reissue of Swedish black metal act Watain's second album, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the formation of this formidable band of marauders. It all begins with the maelstrom of 'Devil's Blood' - a fiery blast furnace of furious rhythms and screaming guitars. Vocalist Erik Danielsson's agonized wails are relegated more to the back of the mix, which is fine, making them seem almost more ghostly and part of the wall of noise. Watain's sheer power, speed and aggression take the example set by bands like Emperor or Mayhem and add the crisp production that bands like Slayer harness so well. It's a balanced mix of extreme anger and misanthropy that one can't help but feel - forceful and brutal. Over the course of 9 tracks, the swelling, almost orchestral chaos is numbing, and all-consuming. Watain's latest work, 'Sworn To The Dark', is an even better and and more articulate depiction of modern black metal, but this reissue certainly has the chops, proving that Watain are rightful heirs to the crown. (Season Of Mist)

Temple Of Watain

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