Sunday, December 7, 2008

Plastic Crimewave Sound - "Plastic Crimewave Sound" CD

Taking cues from 60's-era psychedelic/garage rock as well as freaky Japanoise, Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave) and friends create far-out spacerock gems complete with out-of-control guitar squalls and primitive rhythms. '(I Am) Planet Crushing' is a grungy proto-punk number, while 'Dead Island Boogie' sounds like a gigantic noise/psyche meltdown improv. 'Shockwave Rider' is a hellacious wall of feedback and driving bass/drums ala Chrome, with almost incantational vocals. The final cut, 'The Pasture', comes in 3 parts, and it slows things down a bit to a more meditational, almost Eastern-style mantra. Lovely stuff for heads so inclined to wander the outer perimeters of rock. (Prophase Music)

Plastic Crimewave site

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