Thursday, October 2, 2008

Darshan Ambient - "From Pale Hands To Weary Skies" CD

Inspired by a trip to the ICU (and a 6-day coma), as well as by French surrealist painter Yves Tanguy, composer Michael Allison's ambient electronic sculptures are both melodic and spiritually uplifting. 'The Look Of Amber', for example, is a rich soundscape with subtle piano and deep strings - all accenting a lovely, simple, and reflective melody. 'Palace Of The Windward Rocks' raises the pulse somewhat with more piano and strings, this time wrapped around a tight IDM-style rhythm. Contrasting with other ambient artists who create spacious and shadowy tones, Darshan Ambient's sounds are meticulously structured and even lean towards ambient techno in spots ('Multiplication Of The Arcs' or 'The Rapidity Of Sleep'). One of my personal favorites is the graceful and moving 'Tomorrow (For Nicky)' - a lovely and sensitive tribute to Allison's wife - surely a great source of hope and strength during the artists' illness. A fine release of meditational chill-out sounds for quiet contemplation and relaxation. (Lotuspike)

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