Thursday, October 2, 2008

Plan 9 - "Manmade Monster" CD

Starting life as a classic Misfits tribute/covers act, Plan 9 has since decided to write their own horrorpunk tunes, and, well, they're still a Misfits tribute/covers band! There are 16 tracks here (3 are actual covers of Danzig-era Misfits tunes), and Plan 9's B-grade horror/sci-fi-influenced singalong punk could almost be outtakes from 'Walk Among Us' or something. Enjoyable for what it is, 'Manmade Monster' still cannot be taken seriously. I mean, just look at the live photo on the back cover - Misfits skull logo on their backdrop, devil-locks...). So why not just listen to the real thing? Las Vegas is calling, guys. (Nickel and Dime Records)

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