Monday, September 29, 2008

Kraftwerk "And The Electronic Revolution" DVD

The influence that Dusseldorf, Germany's reclusive electronic act Kraftwerk had over modern music cannot be quantified. From their avante garde experiments of the late 60's to their proto-electronica of the 70's to their influence on the burgeoning hip-hop, techno, and dance scenes of the 80's and beyond, Kraftwerk's legacy is inescapable.

This (unlicensed but candid) documentary does a spectacular job following the history of the group, as well as tracing the rise (and fall) of the amazing 'Krautrock' scene that propelled acts like Can, Neu!, Kluster, Amon Duul, and Ash Ra Tempel to fame and international notoriety in the 60's-early 70's. Interviews with scene legends like Karl Bartos, Dieter Moebius, Hans Jochim Roedelius, Klaus Schulze, and Conrad Schnitzler are necessary and spot-on, and there's plenty of rare footage and sound samples to give better understanding to the discussions here. At 3 hours, it's an exhaustive and thorough examination of this important time in Germany's musical history. Being curious about this scene, but being a bit too young to truly appreciate it in it's heyday, this is a wonderful way to learn about Krautrock and Kraftwerk before diving into a big listening party. Superb and worthy! (Chrome Dreams UK)

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