Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jeph Jerman / AMK - "Split" CDR

Two veterans of the avante-noise-cassette culture team up for this split release for rising micro-indie Cohort, and it's a definite winner. Jerman (best known for his recordings under the name Hands To) contributes '30 Minutes For Joe Jones'. His is a conceptual piece (dedicated to fluxus artist Joe Jones) recorded with a 22" wind gong, and played by a small fan. The sound is actually a splendid machine-drone that could almost be akin to David Jackman's work with Organum, but with more kinetic motion and less of a meditational nature. The metallic chimes reverberate nervously, but with an almost mystical opulence. Beautiful work and concept here, and a good listen, as well.

Turntable and sound manipulator AMK contributes 2 pieces - first being the brief 4-minute 'Neither Odd Nor Neither', which is a bludgeoning kick of skipping discs and random loopiness. His other piece, the 17-minute 'Lying To Rest', is another loopy piece that sounds like field recordings of waterfowl collaged with natural 'found' sounds and looped vintage vinyl records. Disorienting and surreal, in a most appealing way.

In summation, 'Split' is a fascinating an immersive set of experimental sounds that work well on both conceptual and aesthetic levels. Kudos to both artists for creating unique and individual sounds that inspire and provoke. And thanx to Cohort for releasing some consistently excellent sounds of late! (Cohort Records)

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