Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ween - "The Friends EP" CDEP

Wow, another little (20-minute, 5-song) self-release from Dean and Gene, and it starts with a bang! The title track is an outright disco's cutesy and even clubby, in the worst over-the-top sense. Catchy track, too, and this one proves that Ween are capable of so very much musically. And you can be sure it's firmly tongue-in-cheek, naturally. Apparently, these cuts are odds and ends, as they were recorded at different times, and it sounds this way, though it's no more schizophrenic than any other Ween release. 'King Billy' is an ode to some great reggae/dub masters, and sways with a rocksteady beat and some farty little noises. Prime! Jammy and hammy is the way, and 'Light Me Up' is a Latin-flavored number full of boastful optimism from the dealer's point of view. Tony Montana, anyone? And the final song, 'Slow Down Boy' is a schmaltzy slice of baroque pop (complete with faux-English accent). Masterful. Never underestimate the power of a little ween! (Chocodog)

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