Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Atlas Sound - "Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel" CD

Atlas Sound is the debut solo effort from Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, and this pretty little ambient pop album was composed and recorded entirely by him at home. There's some nice swirling soundscapes, guitar drones, lots of hazy reverb, primitive electronics, and dreamlike-gauzy vocals, all adding up to a textural post-shoegaze ode to, well, falling in love. But Atlas Sound doesn't sap it up as this may imply. 'River Card' is an introspective and starry-eyed gem, complete with tinkly keyboard accents and a fatalistic outlook. 'Cold As Ice' is drifty and, well, chilly, and 'Scraping Past' has a subtle electronic rhythm present behind the droning vocals and guitar noise. 'Let The Blind...' is a nicely personal recording, and full of sublime sounds to caress the soul. I like it. (Kranky)
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