Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beehatch - "Beehatch" CD

This international collaboration between Canadian electronic composer Phil Western and English sound collagist Mark Spybey has been brewing for quite some time. Initially meeting over a decade ago when both were members of terror-tronica project Download, these two rekindled their friendship in 2007 to create this wonderful slab of indescribably delicious sounds, textures, rhythms, and melodies. From the beginining ambiance of 'First Song', these two move into realms of experimental-sound-poetry pop in 'Facing Up To The Facts', and the monumental soundtrack ebb-and-flow of 'God Is So Good, God Is SO Dub', which sounds like a coastal tide being played with a string quartet (which gives way to a kind of junk-store dub at the conclusion). Nice and unpredictable! 'Warm And Fuzzy' is a classic old-skool electro piece, whereas the aptly-titled 'I Think I'm Chinese' has an appropriately chimey oriental motif. 'I See Your Light Dying' is a weird and trippy dub experience with Spybey's distorted vocals and a sound that recalls their earlier work in Download, actually, and certainly better than that group's recent output. A joy to listen to, and a top-notch audio adventure for ears that crave both the jarring and the soothing, Beehatch is a sure winner, and I'm looking forward to the tour and future recordings, already. Bravo! (Lens Records)

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