Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Floatpoint - "Beam Error" 2xCD

Originally released in super-limited quantities in 1995, this ambient techno gem from space cadets Dan Handrabur (Mere Mortals, Weed) and Phil Western (Download, Beehatch) has seen collector interest drive prices of original CDs to extremely high levels. With this in mind, Western has seen fit to re-release it (again in limited quantities, though) - while adding on an entire second disc of rare and unreleased works. Considering that the peak of this scene was well over a decade ago, one would assume that this sound would seem passe and dated by now. But to the contrary, Floatpoint's smooth electronic grooves are as cool and collected (and collectible) now as they were then. Splices of dub and tribal sounds filter through the duo's mellow beats and sequences, and all seems to blend together into a peaceful and soulful mode of escape. As in the rhythmic (yet chilled-out) 'Luna', Floatpoint creates spacious and warm grooves tailormade for home listening and reflection. The bonus disc includes some extended improvisations (some with friend Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy fame), and unreleased cuts from the 'Beam Error' era, and these are of course in the same realm, if a little more indulgent in spots. Still, this is a gorgeous set worthy of more widespread attention and release. Close your eyes and drift away... (The Record Company)

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