Thursday, May 8, 2008

32CRASH - "Weird News From An Uncertain Future" 2xCD

As principal frontman for legendary electronic-rock act Front 242, Jean-Luc DeMeyer developed into one of the most celebrated and distinctive (and emotive) vocalists around (at least in industrial circles). Here backed by members of Belgian electro band Implant, DeMeyer unleashes a 19-song set of new music, and it's really pretty disappointing when compared to his work with the groundbreaking Front 242, or even his sometimes-project with Marc Heal as C-Tec. This is primitive electro-pop, with dated drum machine sounds, lightweight sequences, and, unfortunately, little in the realm of catchy tunes. 32Crash doesn't hit hard, and they don't hit melodically either. DeMeyer sounds great, but he needs a solid backdrop, and that's what's missing here. A second CD is included in limited edition copies, and this brings 11 remixes that actually stand up reasonably well next to their underproduced parents. Tracks like the Penelopes remix of 'Dust And Drought' update the clubbiness factor, and subsequently make these songs slightly more satisfying. Still, this isn't something I'll be listening to again, sorry. (Alfa Matrix Belgium)
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