Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beer: Gordon Biersch - Winter Bock

GORDON BIERSCH - WINTER BOCK (San Jose, CA) 4.0 (excellent)

San Jose-based brewery/restaurant chain Gordon Biersch isn’t distributed in Indiana, but I was able to score some samples for review thanks to Colin at Emblem PR. And what samples they are! Biersch brews exclusively classic German-styled beers, so for the cold season ahead, we at Goatsden were delighted to get some bottles of Gordon Biersch’s Winter Bock for tasting.

Pours a deep caramel amber with a heaping head of of-white carbonation. I get spoke-like, spiderwebby lace on my GB25 glassware. Great appearance!

Nose is caramel malts, some spice, and nice sweet roastiness. 

Taste is, again, very much a roasty, malty, semi-sweet melding of dark malts, with a chewy caramel or toffee character dominating. There’s also an element of nuttiness in the flavor, which is perfect for a chilly snow day. This is everything a solid doppelbock should be. The body seems a tad light, but the flavor does not suffer. A solid drinking bock, and at a strong 7.5%, this is a deceptively enjoyable brew. Bravo!

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