Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meatmen - “Savage Sagas From The Meatmen” CD

Ugly, dirty, and ultimately great return from Tesco and friends!

The immortal Tesco Vee and compatriots are back with their first Meatmen album in 5 years, an the first of all new material in over 20! “Savage Sagas” doesn’t tidy things up neatly for the kids, though. Nope, it’s as offensive, raucous, and out of control as ever before. With such family-friendly tunes as “Pissed Hot For Weed”, “The Ballad Of Stinky Penis”, “Big Bloody Booger On The Bathroom Wall”, or “Rock ’N Roll Enema”, you know it’s gonna be fast, hard, and ugly. And it is.

“Men O Meat” opens it all up with 55 seconds of speedy garage punk. “I’m Gonna Fuck You Up” is an anthem of only a minute and a half. Yikes! Tesco, Danny Dirtbag, Hindu Kush, and Bun Length are certainly firing on all cylinders. Production is perfect — raw but clear, and these 20 songs turn in at a quick and bouncy 48 minutes. “Shecky Presents…” is a bit of a comedic interlude, but fear not, kids, as “Speed Kills (But It Sho’ Feels Good)” is a thrashy, metallic punk monster. This one takes me back to the classic days of hardcore punk — with all the subversive nihilism and attitude. I will never tire of this sound. All hail the Meatmen! 

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