Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Woodchuck Cider Tasting - 2014

So we here at Goatsden are sort of known for enjoying a good beer now and again (and again, some would dare say). But, in the interest of NOT being snobbish or in any way clique-ish, we thought it high time to review some other spirits. And what better way to celebrate the snowfall in Fall as to review some new ciders?

Woodchuck (based in Vermont, USA) is probably the best-known cidery on this side of the Atlantic. And for good reason. Their distribution is amazing, and their ciders are all solid and well-balanced, at least by Goatsden standards (say no more). This review is of three specialty Woodchuck ciders, either seasonals or new varietals. On with the tasting, shall we?

Hopsation - Hop Forward Cider

Hmm, this is a nice collision of tastes, and it works better than you’d expect. It pours a very pale complexion, with a pleasant floral aroma. The grassy, citrusy, piney Cascade hops blend well among the sweet apple. It’s a subtle mix here, not overwhelmingly hoppy, but with a distinctive flavor I've not had before. Mrs. Goatsden says this one tastes more “beer-like”, and she’s spot-on. It’s balanced, tasty, and one I’ll be seeking out again. 

Winter Chill - Oak Aged Apple

This one is a mellow blend, with the cider being aged in French and American oak. Winter Chill brings a subtle vanilla accent to the apple — but it’s subtle, and there isn’t a lot of the oak character otherwise to detect. Nonetheless, this one is among my favorites from Woodchuck’s fine line.

Fall Harvest - Just Like Apple Pie

Filled with plenty of Fall spices (cinnamon and nutmeg), this tasty and sweet cider has a hint of heat from the spices to accent the sweet apple character. I really liked this one, but can see why it will be a favorite among fans of apple pie or generally sweet drinks.

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