Friday, September 20, 2013

Vodka: Exclusiv Cherry

Exclusiv Cherry Vodka (Serge Imports LLC) - 64 proof (32% ABV)

This cherry-flavored vodka is distilled from wheat, and hails from the small country of Moldova. It pours a typically translucent clear, as any vodka should. The aroma up front is, well, a strong cherry.

Tasting this well-chilled and on-the-rocks, Exclusiv Cherry features a deep cherry flavor. Whether or not this is artificial or natural, I don't know (as media info nor bottle mention), but it's a fairly faithful representation of cherry. I also get, alongside the cherry, hints of a woody, almost amaretto note. Of course, the finish has a biting, alcohol sting.

When enjoyed as a mixer alongside some cola, Exclusiv did well, too, adding a nice old-time soda fountain cherry flavor to the soft drink. On the negative side, the finish here was medicinal and funky.

Still, at it's low price point (around $10/750mL), this is a solid vodka for either straight drinking or mixing. Thanx to Ann at Utopia for the tasting!

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