Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Unsolved" DVD (director: Lance McDaniel)

Well-done college murder/mystery

This is a suprisingly well-done murder/horror film from director Lance McDaniel, who the cover says directed "Children Of The Corn", though the trusty imdb says otherwise. It stars the attractive Lezette Boutin -- or Jane Bunting, depending on whether you believe the packaging or the actual film credits. Hmm. Despite all the typos or misinformation, "Unsolved" comes across with solid camerawork, good cinematography, and reasonable enough acting. 

The story is shifting and interesting, too. Boutin/Bunting is convincing in her role as Amanda, a law student who is assigned to investigate an unsolved murder at her own university 15 years ago. Her investigation gets her into trouble with school officials and seedy characters alike. All the while, her tag-along boyfriend shows himself to be little more than a conniving and unfaithful diversion.

Being a product of the Oklahoma City University film department, there's little sleaze action present, unfortunately, so you won't get an abundance of breasts or blood. The charm here is in the "Clue"-style mystery of it all. Could there be something to do with Amanda's prick of a boyfriend, or does the case involve important elected officials? 

Overall, not a bad film by any means. 

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