Friday, September 20, 2013

"Going Underground - Paul McCartney, The Beatles And The UK Counter Culture" DVD

Beatles member dealing deeper underground

Another unauthorized documentary from the UK's venerable Pride Productions, this one centers on McCartney's inspirations from and within the sixties UK underground scene. As well as looking at the Beatles, a large part of this feature-length (153 minutes) film focuses on figures like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the Soft Machine, AMM, the famous UFO Club, and Dr. Timothy Leary.

As with most of Pride's excellent productions, this one doesn't skimp on photos or footage. And though there are no official Beatles members interviewed, there are a number of important folks who were around then, including Eddie Prevost (of AMM), John "Hoppy" Hopkins (founder of the International Times magazine), Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd producer and UFO Club founder), Robert Wyatt (of the Soft Machine), as well as journalists and biographers. 

I gleaned a lot of info here, and learned that McCartney was far more instrumental in the Beatles' movement from teen-pop act to experimental rock than I'd previously imagined. His immersion in the counterculture, drugs, and the arts scene led him down a path which became immensely influential to the world of music and our own modern culture. "Going Underground" is a fine look at a time and place long since past, but still remaining vital as we go forwards. Well-done!

Pride Productions

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