Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Fear The Forest" DVD (director: Matthew Bora)

Shallow Sasquatch Silliness

So, I may know where one of the masks from the "Where The Wild Things Are" movie went! Jokes aside, this silly micro-indie horror was off to a rocky start as the outer packaging included several mis-constructed sentences and misspellings. It didn't get a whole lot better, either.

So, how could a Bigfoot movie that includes a martial arts battle and motocross footage be that bad? Right. And some subtle references (or is it homages) to "Deliverance" and "The Evil Dead" do not make this any better. So what isn't present in "Fear The Forest"? How about a decent script and original idea. How about some acting? A believable monster? Or maybe even some nudity or sex scenes? Nope, we'll have none of that here. Lackluster in most every way, this film could've been a decent film school project, but in a lake teeming with bigger fish, this one is just chum.

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