Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Bruce Lee - A Warrior's Journey / In Pursuit Of The Dragon" DVD (director: John Little)

Well-done and respectful documentary set

This set of 2 Lee retrospectives/documentaries is deceptively packaged as if it were a pair of long-lost Bruce Lee movies. But, looking beyond marketing gimmicks, these really are interesting and worthy viewing for any fan of the martial arts master.

The first documentary is "A Warrior's Journey", and it showcases Lee's life story -- all centered around 33 minutes of unreleased footage from Lee's unfinished (and final) film, "Game Of Death". Director Little paints a vivid and loving portrait of Lee and his career through interviews, film clips, and photos, even getting as close as an extensive interview with Lee's widow (and mother of his children).

The second film here, "In Pursuit Of The Dragon", proves to be less interesting. Re-visiting the scenes from famous Bruce Lee movies, Little compares and contrasts the locales now, versus the some-40 years since Lee's passing. I'm afraid this is something only die-hard Lee fans will find of interest.

So, a solid set of Bruce Lee documentaries here, and a great gift for serious Lee devotees.

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