Saturday, September 28, 2013

AC/DC - "The Bon Scott Years" DVD/CD

Shallow and shameful cash-in

Ah, this is a really shady unlicensed set to be certain. The DVD features a few brief old Aussie TV interviews with the band and original front-man Bon Scott. There's very little insight or history here, at all. According to serious AC/DC fans, these clips have been available online for some time, rendering this one pretty well unnecessary. And the entire DVD runs for about 15 minutes. Shameful.

The attached CD isn't AC/DC at all, but early work from Bon Scott's pre-AC/DC days. Sure, serious fans may be curious to hear these 11 tunes, but as they are classic sixties-style pop (rather than bluesy hard rock), this may come as a big shock to fans expecting balls-out Bon Scott "rawk". 

All-in-all, don't be duped by this dubious set of "rare" AC/DC material.

Laser Media

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